giovedì 6 ottobre 2016 ore 11:50 / 12:50

DEV04 - Use bash tools and Visual Studio to domesticate penguins (inglese)

Community Days 2016 - Decimo anno

Speaker: Valter Minute, Luka Pivk

Livello: 300

Dove: Sala 4 (Teatro 2)

Sessione in inglese.

Bash tools and Visual Studio on Windows 10 can be used to build and debug software for embedded devices running Linux. Being able to develop for Linux on a Windows PC can be beneficial for many developers that need to integrate Linux devices, PC applications, mobile apps and cloud-based services. Visual Studio provides a great IDE for different targets and can help development teams focusing on the solution and not on learning how to use many different development tools. A few samples of how to build and debug Linux kernel and apps on different targets.